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Phillips Sweet Dreams Cradle Player

Familiar routines at bedtime help young babies to feel content and secure. This sense of familiarity helps them to fall asleep.

The Philips 'Sweet Dreams' Cradle Player enables parents to let the baby fall softly asleep by listening to its parents' voice. It can be attached to the baby's crib or cot using the straps provided. The cradle player has two sides, a baby side with a night-light and speaker and a parent side for installing the player.

The cradle player can record up to 60 seconds of the parents' soothing sounds. It can also play two pre-recorded natural sounds, the sound of a heartbeat or ocean waves breaking, or a lullaby. The parents can set the length of the playing time of all recorded and pre-recorded sounds between 2 and 10 minutes. When the programmed playing time comes to an end the player gently lowers its volume.

A dimly glowing night-light has been installed on the baby side of the cradle player to reassure the baby. The night-light will automatically and gently fade out some time after the player has stopped playing the sounds.

*2 pre-recorded natural sounds - heartbeat & ocean waves breaking.
*1 pre-recorded lullaby.
*You can record upto 60 seconds of soothing sounds.
*Adjustable playing time - 2,4,6,8,10minutes.
*Gentle fade-out of sound & light.
*Soft glowing night light.
*Strap to easily attach to cot.
*Requires 4 AA batteries.

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